Early childhood and infant-family professionals can often benefit from consulting with someone outside a situation or setting for a fresh take on a behavior, child or challenging dynamic within a family, classroom or group.  Meetings can be one-on-one or with a group, one time or ongoing and always with the consent and inclusion of parents. 

I am also available to observe and assess what kinds of strategies, routines, environmental factors and fit would best support a child's present capacities.  Together we can explore what can be done to improve the fit between child and caregiver or setting.

professional development

Teaching and supporting professionals working with very young children and their families is one of my favorite things to do! I have developed curricula and presented to a range of audiences including at conferences, agency and community workshops and in-service trainings at staff meetings. I am available to present on a wide variety of topics relevant to infant/family and early childhood professionals including:

  • an introduction to attachment theory

  • early social-emotional development

  • parenting and caregiving with the brain in mind

  • supporting curiosity, autonomy and a growth mindset

  • the power of play

  • supporting peer relationships and conflict resolution

  • understanding and addressing challenging behaviors in young children

  • looking at the impact of early trauma, loss and toxic stress on babies and very young children through a holistic lens

  • understanding the needs of the young adopted child (an adoptee’s perspective)

  • building and repairing partnerships with parents.

Jeri Lea is very knowledgeable and we are thankful she shared her wisdom with our team.

reflective supervision

I also offer individual and group reflective supervision which meets the requirements for endorsement through the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health.  Meetings can be in-person, by phone or video conference.

For more information about Reflective Supervision and Consultation:

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