Are you ready to give yourself the support you and your family deserve and desire?


Individual coaching offers an opportunity to step-back from the all-consuming tending to little ones to create space, shift thoughts and practices.  

Together we will create a protected time and space for you to see yourself, your needs and your children more clearly.  We begin by refining what is most important to you and your growing family, the strengths you already embody and the obstacles that remain. 

Some common reasons for partnering with me:

  • shaping or shifting your parenting practices or style
  • addressing a behavioral or health challenge holistically for yourself or your child
  • preparing for a new child through birth, fostering/ kinship or adoption
  • helping a child prepare for or adjust to changes in routine or family
  • creating routines (sleep, play, food, time for connection) that nourish your whole family


Areas of specialty include:

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  • new parents and early relationships, attachment
  • addressing and healing from early and chronic conditions (trauma,  loss, early, food sensitivities, other health challenges) through nurturing relationships, nourishing food and lifestyle changes.
  • adoption, kinship and foster care
  • food/mood/behavior and health
  • family transitions
  • school or childcare transitions for babies and children


If you are my ideal client then the following ideas will likely resonate with you:

  • parenthood is HARD and therefore an opportunity for profound growth, self-discovery and healing
  • we need and deserve support and self-care, lots of it (see above)
  • our babies and children are thinking, feeling and aware from the beginning (and so were we for that matter!)
  • childhood is a time to be cherished and protected, not rushed
  • you are curious about yourself, others and new ideas
  • you are able to take a gentle approach and long view toward making changes
  • you are open to trying new ways of being and engaging with yourself and your most cherished loved ones
  • mistakes are part of being human and opportunities for growth and learning
  • all behavior (ours and theirs) has meaning
  • health is a journey and a means toward living your best life
  • you are ready to commit the time and to do this work!


I find I work best with clients over time as we deepen our trust and knowing of ourselves and one another.  To best support this kind of work I offer packages of sessions and programs for 3 and 6 months (and longer when desired) which also offer per session discounts.  Sessions can be done over the phone, video conference or in person.  For more specifics on my rates and packages please click the Let's Connect button on the Contact page to send me a note and I will get back with you as soon as possible!

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