Are you are looking for support in understanding and meeting your baby or child's needs for secure connection and health?


Maybe you noticing that this parenting journey requires tending to and healing your own heart, soul and body? 

Hi, I'm Jeri Lea


My passion is supporting YOU, parents with babies and young children, and your relationships with one another!   I offer a unique perspective and presence combining more than fifteen years of experience as an infant and early childhood therapist, training as a holistic health coach, as well as my own ongoing parenting and wellness journeys. 

If you are looking for guidance and accompaniment on your parenting journey:

  • to build (or repair) a secure connection with your child
  • to identify and remove barriers to health AND healthy connection, for yourself or your child, or
  • to uncover the meaning of your child's behavior to best support their needs and growth

I would love to talk to you further to see if we are a good match.  Click below to request a FREE 30 minute initial consultation!