Do you find yourself losing patience or hope with a child who, along with many exceptional qualities you love, just doesn’t respond to typical parenting strategies?

Or, like I once did, are you trying to push through a long stretch of sleep difficulties, biting/hitting/crying, separation anxiety, or _________ (insert your child’s challenge here) and hoping that it will pass? Yet, in the meantime you are feeling exhausted, discouraged, and increasingly disconnected from your child(ren), your partner and yourself.

Are you confused about the best route to take for getting to the roots of your child’s challenges?

For moms and dads who came into parenthood well informed and with a plan it can be especially difficult to find the right support at the right time to get to the bottom of the challenges and start enjoying parenthood and your child again.

Hi, I'm Jeri Lea


I am a parent coach and psychotherapist and my passion is supporting YOU, parents with babies and young children, and your relationships with one another!   I offer a unique perspective and approach combining more than twenty years of experience working with very young children and their parents and caregivers as a therapist and consultant, training as a holistic health coach, and discoveries from my own evolving wellness and parenting journeys. 

If you are looking for guidance and accompaniment on your parenting journey:

  • to uncover the meaning of your child's behavior to bring more ease and joy to your days,

  • to build or repair a secure connection with your child, or

  • to identify and remove barriers to health AND healthy connection, for your child or yourself!

I would love to talk to you further to see if we are a good match.  Click below to request a FREE 45 minute discovery session.