There are times when psychotherapy that focuses on the child and their most important relationships is incredibly healing and can compliment the other important work parents are doing at home and with other practitioners.

Children heal and grow within relationships which is why we start there!

I offer attachment-focused play therapy combined with parent coaching. My approach is holistic which means: observing the child within their primary relationships and settings, gathering information about all areas of development, health and daily life and developing a plan that span these areas. Together we will identify and address root causes and triggers for challenges, strengthen your relationships with one another, and increase your child’s abilities to cope and flourish in their various environments.

Beginning July 1, 2019 I will be re-opening my in-person practice in downtown Brighton, Michigan. I will be adding more to this page to share the new practices and insights that I will be bringing to my work. Check back for more!

Areas of specialty include:

  • new parents and early relationships, attachment

  • adoption, kinship and foster care

  • navigating parenthood after loss

  • addressing and healing from early and chronic conditions (trauma, loss, chronic stress, related health challenges) through nurturing relationships, nourishing food and lifestyle changes.

  • family and child transitions