Learning and practicing the art of infant massage offers many benefits for caregivers and babies alike, including:

  • Both moms and dads report feeling more confident in their role as caregivers.
  • Promotes bonding and healthy attachment.
  • Babies cry less, sleep longer and deeper.
  • Offers relief from gas, constipation and colic.
  • Allows parents to become more tuned in to baby's cues.
  • Stimulates brain development and circulation.
  • Eases stress and increases relaxation for babies and parents.
  • Creates a calm, soothing routine for caregivers to deepen their connection to their babies.
  • Can help decrease depressive symptoms for moms experiencing postpartum depression
  • Infant Massage Education
  • Reflective Supervision for Professionals
  • Parent Consultation

Read this article from Massage Therapy magazine for more information about the healing benefits of infant massage. (Note of clarification: infant massage classes and lessons involve the parent massaging the baby and the instructor demonstrating on a doll.  This differs from some of the information in this article which was geared toward massage therapists.)

Gift certificates are available and make a wonderful baby shower or welcome home gift for new parents!



Parent Guidance and Consultation - sometimes what is needed most is not therapy but a space for you, the parents, to reflect on your child's needs and behaviors as well as your family life and parenting practices. Parent guidance offers an opportunity for you to receive individualized support and strategies to help you support your child's development and to create more joy and connection in your family. Parent guidance sessions can also be useful to enhance child-parent or family therapy.